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Starling Bank vs Tide – which online bank account should I choose?

With some banks charging as much as £150 per month, it is important to choose your business bank account wisely. Two of the best starter banks that we’ve noticed are Tide and Starling Bank. Here we compare the two by looking at a few key factors. But first, why have a business account in the…

How does open banking affect my Xero bank feeds?

Due to the new EU Open Banking changes, coming into force 14 September 2019, some Xero bank feeds are changing. For more info on Open Banking in general, check out our blog here. Otherwise please read on to see what’s happening, which banks are affected, and what you need to do. There are huge benefits…

Open Banking: What’s it all about?

1. What is Open Banking? Due to new EU standards, Open Banking is coming into force for UK banks on 14 September 2019. This means all UK-regulated banks have to let you share your financial data such as your spending habits, regular payments and companies you use (basically your bank, credit card or savings statements)…