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Receipt Bank is a clever Xero add-on that allows users to submit receipts and invoices to Xero in a number of ways, including using the Receipt Bank App, email, Dropbox etc.

As Receipt Bank Gold Partners, we use Receipt Bank ourselves all the time, and clients love it too. It is a massive time saver, and really fun to use.

You will get addicted to that crumpled paper sound as you submit your receipts via the smart phone app.

receipt bank multi modeUpload your receipt

This is so easy, and a huge timesaver. All you have to do one of the following:

Snap a photo of your receipt with the Receipt Bank app

There are loads of easy ways to upload, for instance multi-mode and combine mode.

Forward invoices to your unique Receipt Bank email address (even better, set up rules on your inbox)

Connect us directly to your online suppliers. Receipt Bank will fetch invoices for you.

Quick, accurate data extraction

Receipt Bank extracts all the important info from your invoice or receipt.

It picks up key data including supplier name, total, VAT and categorises it to your accounts.

Safe, Online Storage

We review this data and push it into Xero, with the image attached to the transaction in Xero.

We can even set up supplier rules so that the invoice is sent to Xero, without you having to touch it!


Receipt Bank has a great FAQ page with answers and insights on how you can start saving time.

Getting you set up

We will make the process even easier by getting your Receipt Bank account set up for you, to make sure it’s all working correctly, and linked to Xero properly.

We’ll then invite you in, and send you a text with a link to download the Receipt Bank app, and an email with instructions. We will then follow up to make sure that you’re happy with everything.

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