COVID-19 Response: We're here to make sure that our small businesses have all the support that you need.
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We’re here for you


Now we’re in Lockdown 2.0 it’s a tough time for many businesses, and we get this, and we’re here for the duration, to guide you through. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again!


We’ve put together a list of resources and articles that we hope will make this a little easier for you, as well as a few actions to take to get the support and guidance you might need during this time.


We’re still working from home, but this shouldn’t affect our service to you.


Stay Strong. Stay Safe.


Join us for a Free COVID19 Check-In on Zoom


These sessions run every Monday at 10am. We provide you with a safe place to voice your concerns, ask questions and chat about your issues.

We will also cover any updates on existing support and guidance available to you.

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Join our Private Facebook Group


We’ve created a private Facebook Group for small business owners to chat in a safe place (no employees are invited)!

We’re continuously updating this page as soon as we receive updates, sometimes typing as the announcements are being made.

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Sign up to our Newsletter for regular updates


We know there is a lot of information out there and it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Not only will we provide you with updates on the current situation, but we’ll also let you know what this means and how it might affect you.

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COVID-19 Survive and Thrive Recovery Plan


Now we are moving towards re-opening, we understand that all businesses will have different issues and concerns.

We’ve moved on from our one-on-one action plan and we’re now working with our small business owners to create their own Survive and Thrive Recovery Plan.

Our aim is to give you focus, clarity, confidence and a plan!

Here’s how it works:

1. Stand back and review where you are


Review how your business has responded so far to the pandemic. What went well, what could be improved? How does this affect your future plans?

2. Identify risks, opportunities and weaknesses


Look at risks, strategies, opportunities and weaknesses, and how to improve on these to aid your recovery.


3. Analyse your budget and cashflow


Analyse your budget and cashflow and set realistic targets to improve cash and profits. This will give you clarity, focus and confidence in your future!

4. Agree goals and actions


Agree goals for each area of your business to support your recovery and enable you to thrive.

Prioritise your key goals and opportunities.

Now you have a plan!

There is no charge for existing clients for a quick chat, or a review of your own Survive and Thrive plan. If you’re not a client there’s a small £75 fee.

We will also work with you to build your full Survive and Thrive plan, and create a 12 month cash flow forecast.


We’d love to help you whether you’re currently a client, or not yet, so please do get in touch.