Tax Investigations Service from Kinder Pocock for 2018

Tax investigations are expensive, intrusive and stressful. The cost of an enquiry can seriously impact your financial security.

Even if HMRC agree that your records are 100% accurate and there is no additional tax to pay, you will still need to pay the professional fees associated with a robust defence – potentially up to £10,000.


We are pleased to offer our Kinder Pocock Tax Investigations Service, which is designed to provide clients with protection against the costs of an enquiry.  Our Service renews on 1 April each year.

Our tax investigations service offers businesses and individuals protection to ensure that in the event of an HMRC enquiry all your professional fees are provided for.  The cost of protecting against such financial losses is a fraction of the likely costs incurred during an enquiry.  When you consider that a typical HMRC enquiry takes over18 months to resolve, and can incur fees in the region of £5,000 or more, subscribing to the package is simply common sense.Our tax investigations package offers:

  • Full representation to HMRC on your behalf including handling all correspondence and interaction, including attending any 1-1 meetings
  • Comfort and peace of mind that we will fiercely defend any enquiry into you or your business.
  • Most importantly your professional fees will be paid.

As we feel it is important for all clients to have this protection in place, we are providing this protection for an affordable annual fee starting at £80 inc VAT for personal tax clients. You can sign up here for this service.

For further information please contact us by calling 01432 273400 or email

HMRC’s number one objective is to maximise revenue, and it is doing just that, bringing in an extra £10.3 billion a year, compared to just 5 years ago.   

How is HMRC doing this? It is using a clever computer analysis system called Connect to identify anomalies between such things as bank interest, property transactions and lifestyle indicators to decide which people to investigate.

It’s not unusual for an indepth tax enquiry to last well over a year, and run up fees of thousands of pounds.  Find out more here.


Could this be you?

HMRC opened an enquiry into one aspect of a business partnership’s tax return, it only lasted 6 months however, it still cost £10,000 in fees, despite the return being 100% accurate.  HMRC enquired into a private client’s residency status that lasted almost 2 years.  Even though the enquiry was closed with no adjustments, professional fees still amounted to £40,000.

Without tax investigations protection, these clients would have settled sooner and paid a lot more tax.

You can sign up for our Tax Investigation Service here, and find out more information here.

For further information please contact us by calling 01432 273400 or email