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Making Tax Digital – Are You Ready to get Started?

Making Tax Digital starts 1 April 2019 for all VAT Registered Businesses. Are you ready to get started?

In our latest Making Tax Digital blog we can announce that Xero’s Making Tax Digital Pilot is now live, so you can jump onboard!

Find out more about MTD here, how much it’ll cost you here, and what the benefits are to you here.

Who can join the Making Tax Digital Pilot?

Any business with up to date VAT returns and VAT payments, with turnover over £85,000 (the current VAT threshold).

What do you need to do first?

  1. Make sure you’re a client of ours (at the moment you need to sign up to the HMRC/Xero Pilot through your Xero Accountant
  2. Give us the nod to say you want to join the pilot.
  3. Make sure you’re using MTD compliant online accounting software (for us it’s Xero, beautiful accounting software)
  4. Get a clean bill of health from us to say you’re Xero is nice and tidy.
  5. What happens next?

  6. We’ll make sure that you’re signed up properly with HMRC for the MTD pilot.
  7. We’ll also make sure we switch you over to the new MTD VAT return experience in Xero.
  8. Anything else?

  9. Yes! Make sure you keep an eye out from emails from us as we move you over to the HMRC and Xero MTD Pilot.
  10. Get excited!
  11. Feel smug that you’re ahead of the game, and won’t be panicking on 1 April 2019!
  12. And do keep asking questions. We’ve got this, and we’ve got you, but it’s important that you have no worries or concerns, so questions are good.
  13. There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

That’s it!

All you need to do now is have a chuckle at Xero’s new MTD Mascot Dexter! Making Tax Less Taxing.

Thank you for reading. Email Sharon if you’d like to sign up to the HMRC / Xero MTD Pilot.






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Kinder Pocock are an approachable cloud-savvy firm of accountants based in Herefordshire but supporting businesses on the move.

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Xero’s New Navigation – WTF?

So if you were working in Xero today, or have just logged in you may well be thinking: WTF?

Xero’s New Navigation is here – don’t panic everything’s still there.  Let’s have a little look:


Why has it changed? I liked it the way it was!

We also liked it, but Xero have been adding sooo many new features, that users were reporting that things were becoming hard to find.  Xero’s answer was to listen, research and test, and do the right thing, which was an update.

In Xero’s words “At Xero, we believe a simple experience is a beautiful experience. That’s why we’re simplifying the navigation within Xero to make sure that everyone can get on with daily tasks easily and efficiently. “

But where is everything?

The best way to answer this is to click and play.  Everything is still there but it’s all been tidied up. For instance, under the Business tab, you can now easily access sales, quotes, purchases and purchase orders, instead of having to dig into the sales module to find your quotes.

Let’s look at the main tabs you’ll be using:

xero business tabBusiness Tab

Under here are the main features that you will need to run your business, these include:

Sales and Quotes

Bills to pay and Purchase Orders

Expense Claims

Products and Services (previously Inventory)

Accounting Tab

This is mainly for features your bookeeper or accountant will be using. If you’re a more advanced user you can find things here like reports, and in the Advanced Accounting (at the bottom of the dropdown list) you’ll find things like Financial Settings and Tracking Categories.

Payroll, Projects and Contacts

These still have their own tabs, so all is good.

Xero’s Blog on the New Navigation

This is a quick look at Xero’s new navigation – if you’re stuck just holler!!  If you’d like more in depth explanations, head over to Xero’s blog on the new navigation.

As always, thank you for reading!


Professional Services Business of the Year

Kinder Pocock are an approachable cloud-savvy firm of accountants based in Herefordshire but supporting businesses on the move.

We specialise in Security, Design and Indie Hospitality businesses.


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Xerocon 2018 – Our Key Takeaways

So we are just about recovered from Xerocon 2018, what an immense couple of days!

We took the whole team to Xerocon, you can read here why I think that’s such a good idea. I’m going to try not to ramble on, as Xero crammed in the announcements, the entertainment and the exhibiting apps, so my aim is to share with you our Key Xerocon Takeaways.

Human at Heart

The main focus of the whole conference was being Human. Technology is amazing, but it won’t replace us, and we must make sure we keep the human focus of our work, our relationships, and not let technology overtake our lives.  Xero itself has always been about it’s people – both Xero employees, businesses and accountants/bookkeepers.

This really resonates with us – we strive to be the best in our team, and how we communicate with you our clients. We can always do more though, and Xerocon has strengthened our resolve to do the best for you, in our services and how we communicate with you.

Making Tax Digital

Xero is completely ready for Making Tax Digital, and that means you are too if you’re our client! The MTD beta is now live, so we’ll be asking you if you’d like to join up.  You don’t have to do anything. Gary Turner Xero UK’s MD also introduced us to Dexter, Xero’s new MTD mascot – “Making Tax Simple”.  We have a whole host of resources and blogs on MTD, which we’re adding to all the time. Click here to find out more.

We were lucky enough to meet Dexter and hear what he had to say:

Open Banking

Xero announced their open banking API which means they can now connect with many finance institutions, including Soldo, Starling Bank, IWOCA and many more. This will give business owners quicker access to their financial data, and to funding options. As partners of Xero, IWOCA, Capitalise and soon to be partners with Starling Bank, this means that we are best placed to help you understand your numbers, identify when you might need finance, and get it to you quicker.

It’s worth noting that during Xerocon both Starling and Soldo announced live integrations with Xero!

It’s all about the Apps

We are really keen on utilising Xero’s apps, but with over 700 it’s not an easy task! Have a look at our blog about our 10 favourite apps, prior to Xerocon.

Now that we’ve returned, we have some new favourite apps, which we will be investigating and introducing to you over the coming months. These include Soldo, Starling Bank, Tradify, Float, Slide and Deputy. Expect more blog posts on each of these to follow!

New Xero Features

Xero also announced a stack of cool new features in Xero. Some of these we’ll use to free up more time to work with you, and some are fab improvements that will save you heaps of time, and make the Xero experience even more beautiful.

For example, Xero are about to roll out the new Navigation bar near the end of November, and have loads of improvements coming to Xero Projects and Expenses, all with Mobile features at the core.

Later this year they’re also upgrading the sales invoice experience, making it easier than ever to invoice your customers and get paid.

professional services specialistMore Reassurance for you

And finally Xero have launched a host of new Xero U courses for accountants and bookkeepers with Specialist Badges, to show our experience in certain industries, and I’m happy to report we have already gained the Xero Professional Services Specialist Badge!

And on that note, I’ll leave you to absorb this tiny part of our whole Xerocon experience. Expect more detailed blogs in the coming months. My 6th Xerocon has been an amazing experience, and the whole Xero team show that they are definitely Human at Heart. It’s a joy to be part of the Xero family!

As always thank you for reading, I’ll leave you with some photos from Xerocon.



Professional Services Business of the Year

Kinder Pocock are an approachable cloud-savvy firm of accountants based in Herefordshire but supporting businesses on the move.

We specialise in Security, Design and Indie Hospitality businesses.


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XeroCon Countdown: Our 10 Favourite Apps for Business

xerocon top 10 appsWith our 6th  Xerocon just a week away, we wanted to share with you our top 10 Favourite Xero Apps, and why we love them so much.

But firstly, what’s all the fuss about Xerocon? It’s a conference for accountants right?

Well yes indeedy it is, but oh so much more than that. I take the whole team, as it’s the best place for finding out new developments in the Xero and App world, but also and equally importantly catching up with our peers in our online accounting world.  To share ideas, catch up, and make the future a reality.

“It’s the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders”.


Our 10 Favourite Apps

We’ve been using Xero since 2012, and because we do visit every Xerocon we can keep up with developments and talk to the App developers.  We couldn’t keep this gold dust from you, so without further ado, here’s our App Top 10:

1. Xero

Of course it’s number one. It’s changed the way we and our clients do business. With over 1 million users worldwide, it’s regularly updated and has the coolest features to help you manage your business online. From the app you can raise invoices on the fly, create expense claims, and check your bank balance.

New features like Xero Projects and Xero Expenses mean that anything is possible for your small business. Find out more here.

  1. 2. Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a no brainer for saving you time, and claiming more money and VAT back. Gone are the days of crumpled receipts. Simply snap a photo and chuck the receipt!  It will find it’s way to Xero in the blink of an eye! Read more here.

3. Chaser

This app is revolutionary. It connects to Xero and manages your credit control for you by automatically sending chasing emails (which you can completely customise!) to clients with unpaid invoices. It also makes reviewing your credit control function a breeze, with all chasing emails and all following replies logged in its CRM. I swear those emails go out with magic fairydust! This app will get cash in the bank quicker and save you hours of time! Read more about it here.

4. GoCardless

If you’d rather not have to chase your customers, get GoCardless involved! This app allows you to set up direct debits with customers, so you control when they pay! It looks at Xero for invoice due dates and collects payment. Funds are in your account in 4 days! What’s not to like? More here.

5. Practice Ignition

Now this is a favourite app of ours for sending out proposals and engagement letters, which we can do in about 5 minutes (instead of the usual 4 hours to pull everything together!). It’s designed for accountants but perfect for any business offering a service and needing to onboard their clients. Find out more here.

6. Tripcatcher

For anyone making business trips, have a look at Tripcatcher.  It effortlessly records your business trip via GPS, and you can manually enter trips too. It calculates the VAT you can claim, and keeps an eye on the 10k mileage threshold. Then you push it to Xero.  This means more VAT can be claimed back and more expenses claimed through your business.  and it’s a huge time saver! Read more here.

7. Curve Card

The future of business cards. Link all your cards to your Curve card via the App, you can add business and personal cards. And then you only need to take one card out with you! You choose which card you’re Curve card is paying with via the App. But if you’re not that organised, their Go Back in Time feature is amazing! Just click on the card payment, and choose to move it to another card! Simples! Find out more here and use our referral code OAB8H to get £5.

8. Zapier

Zapier is a clever little app we wouldn’t be without.  It automates processes in the background between your different apps, by creatinge a “Zap” between each app. For instance if a calendar booking is made in Google Calendar you can make a zap to create an invoice in Xero.  Basically if this happens here, do that over there. We use it loads to automate our workflows and save heaps of time. Try out a zap now!

9. iZettle

For any small business wanting to take card payments, iZettle is the perfect choice. The only upfront cost is the card reader (currently £29) and then you’ll have transaction charges of 1.75%. No need for hefty merchant service fees and terminal hire.

For small retail businesses it’s even more perfect as it comes with a free EPOS App. Record all your sales through the day (card and cash) and at 10pm every night it sends all this info to Xero. No bookkeeping required!  Cool hey?

10.  G Suite

G Suite is the backbone or the engine room for any online business. With its suite of apps you can work seamlessly and securely anywhere, anytime. G Suite takes care of your communications, calendar, storage and document creation, and also integrates with many online apps, including Xero. Your whole team can work remotely and still collaborate online with no fuss, and no time wasted. We’d be lost without it!

One to Watch: Soldo

We promised you our Top 10 Favourite Apps, but we couldn’t let you go without sharing the future of employee expenses. Soldo is our one to watch.  It’s a prepaid card, which will make managing employee expenses a breeze! Also very useful if you need employees to be able to make card payments without using your business card. Geo Control is one of their cool features so that you can control where your employees are able to use the card, and when. Watch this space as Soldo is developing all the time!

See you on the other side!

As always, thank you for reading! We’ll see you after Xerocon, with even more exciting developments to report!  Please be aware that KP offices will be closed while we’re at Xerocon (13 to 15 November 2018).



Professional Services Business of the Year


Kinder Pocock are an approachable cloud-savvy firm of accountants based in Herefordshire but supporting businesses on the move.

We specialise in Security, Design and Indie Hospitality businesses.


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Why Are Mileage Claims Such a Bore?

We get it, we speak to lots of our clients, so we know that mileage claims are such a bore!

It’s difficult to keep up to date, and no fun at all, but we have a solution!


Do you leave your Mileage Claims to the end of the year?

You’re not the only one.  But how much time does that take?  Longer than it needs to, that’s for sure. You’ve got to go back to your diary or online calendar, then probably go to Google Maps or something similar to work out the number of miles. Oh and before that you’ve got to dig out the correct address.

There is a Better Way!

What if I told you you’d look forward to recording your mileage on every journey? With the Tripcatcher app you can use their GPS tracking feature to record your actual journey, live! You can go back and record a journey you’ve finished, with only a few fields to complete, and you can even save favourite or repeating journeys. So quick and easy!

Claim more expenses and VAT

Because you’ll now be recording all your journeys, and Tripcatcher also records the VAT on each journey, you’ll get more cash back from your business, and more VAT back from HMRC! Tripcatcher pushes your mileage claims to Xero whenever you’re ready, and whatever dates you choose.

You can even record passengers, bicycle and motorcycle mileage – it’s all claimable!

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch right now to see how easy it is to use, and to get set up.


Thank you for reading! Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about our online apps.


Professional Services Business of the Year


Kinder Pocock are an approachable cloud-savvy firm of accountants based in Herefordshire but supporting businesses on the move.

We specialise in Security, Design and Indie Hospitality businesses.


01432 273400

Contact Us to see how we can help