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Online Apps Drive Award Winning Client Care

We are absolutely thrilled and humbled to have won the Herefordshire Business Award for Professional Services Business of the Year 2018, and we genuinely believe our online apps drive our award winning client care.

This award takes pride of place next to our Accounting Excellence Client Service Firm of the Year 2017, and they both mean so much as happy clients is what it’s all about!  And numbers, we like numbers.  You can find out more about these awards here.

Online Apps Make for Award Winning Client Care

We moved to Xero in 2012, and this opened up a whole world of opportunities around working online. The next app we discovered after Xero was G Suite, and then Practice Ignition, Receipt Bank and GoCardless.

The rest snowballed from there, and we now use over 50 different apps to run our business, and to provide the best possible service to clients.

How does working online help with client care?

There are many ways that working online helps us look after you better, and provide extraordinary service:

Instant access

By using online apps that we can access (securely) any time, any where means that we can look after your needs wherever you are, or wherever we are.

If you’re stuck up a mountain and having trouble sending a Xero invoice out, we can log in,  see the same data and help you out.

If you want a quote for work you’d like us to do, we can produce a proposal via Practice Ignition on our phones, you can view and accept it on your phone.

You want us to complete a reference for a mortgage – we can log into Xero and prepare up to date figures (no wasting time with data backup and restoring!)

Time savings

Having instant access means that we haven’t got to make our way to the office to get anything done, or to your office for that matter. We can start work immediately, even in the floods or snow!

We make sure that the online apps we use are as integrated as much as possible, so that they talk to each other. This means huge time savings, and no double entering of data.

You snap a photo of a receipt in Receipt Bank – in less than 5 minutes it’s in Xero – BOOM!

Customer hasn’t paid your invoice – Chaser sends out automatic chasers when you’re busy  – YES!

We also make the most of automations, whether these are within the online apps we use, or we have built them ourselves. So things happen automagically in the background.

Our mantra:  If you’re doing it manually – automate it!

Giving it back

If we’ve found an amazing app or automation we will share it with you. If it saves us time and makes us smile, it is going to do the same for you!

Where we save time by automating our work, this is more time we can spend talking to you, and working on your business.

Ready to Automate?

Have a look at some of the amazing apps we work with, and get in touch if you’d like to be a client of ours, or if you’re ready to automate!

Thank you for reading!




Professional Services Business of the Year


Kinder Pocock are an approachable cloud-savvy firm of accountants based in Herefordshire but supporting businesses on the move.

We specialise in Security, Design and Indie Hospitality businesses.



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Award Winning Client Care from Kinder Pocock

Kinder Pocock awarded Professional Services Business of the Year at the 2018 Herefordshire Business Awards

Well this was a huge surprise!  We were absolutely thrilled to be nominated for these awards, and to be finalists in our local business awards means so much, let alone actually win! Even more amazing is that we were finalists in the Professional Services Business of the Year in 2017, and won the Practice Excellence Client Services firm of the year in 2017 too.

Super thrilled that our very own Jo was also a finalist in the Employee of the Year category –  she is our superstar!

The awards were held on Friday 5 October 2018 at the Three Counties Hotel, Hereford, where Team Kinder Pocock mingled with the great and the good of the Herefordshire Business Community.

It was a fabulous night, and great to share time with clients, colleagues and our friends, including Kinetic Six, who were finalists for the Best Use of Technology,  Send Cake who were finalists for New Business of the Year, and our Twitter BFFs The DM Lab, who not only sponsored the Small to Medium Sized Business category, but were finalilsts in the Creative Business category.

So Why Enter Awards?

This is a good question, why do we put ourselves through it? It’s amazing to be a finalist in any award, but also incredibly nerve wracking, and like a huge punch in the gut if you don’t win (yes, yes, it’s the taking part that counts, and to be a finalist is something we are immensely proud of). Here are some previous award wins and finalist achievements of ours. So why would we put ourselves through it?

Here’s some sensible reasons:

We get nominated, or a client or colleague tells us we should enter

Our clients say amazing things about us. This gives us the confidence to enter, using their very own words in our applications!

It keeps us on our toes, and accountable to the wider business community

It is a huge moral boost for the whole team, and I think Kelly’s tweet from the award night sums this up!

Awards nights are a lot of fun, and a great night out for the team, and to meet up with colleagues and peers.

A Huge Thank you to our Amazing Clients!

This is truly what it’s all about. This award is in recognition of our client care, and we wouldn’t be where we are without having the privilege to look after you lovely lot! We really do put you at the heart of everything we do. We have weekly team meetings and daily catch ups to make sure we’re looking after you, and managing your requests. On a weekly basis we look at what we’ve done for you that you have told us is extraordinary, which not only gives us ways to constantly improve our award winning client care, but is a great motivational boost for the team. We also look at things you might not be so happy with, so that we can put things right as soon as possible, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Client Happiness Survery

A key component of our Client Care process is our Client Happiness Survey. This is a quick questionnaire that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.  This keeps us on the ball and tells us that 92% of you would recommend us to others. If you’d like to complete our Client Happiness Survey please click here. And here are some lovely things our clients have said:

“Kinetic Six would not be where it is today without Sharon Pocock as our accountant and trusted advisor. She has helped us evolve from a startup led by ex-military chaps with little business experience into a successful company operating in several global markets” Shaun Leavy | Kinetic Six Ltd

“Very pleased with the service and support that we receive from you guys, all the staff super friendly and efficient – nothing is ever too much trouble – well done guys” Nick Nash | International Solutions Ltd

“We both commented as we left how good it is to have a ‘team’ behind us whose knowledge far exceeds our own and understands what we are doing. “Claire and Nigel Brown | NR Brown Farriers Ltd / Forge PR

And a Huge Thank you to the Herefordshire Business Awards Team

This is the second year of the awards, and they have already become hugely respected, and a key date in the Herefordshire Business Community calendar.  Rich, Kerry, Rich and Kim you are amazing!  I hope you are putting your feet up this weekend!

Thank you for reading! If we can help you with anything, or you’d like to become a client of Kinder Pocock, do get in touch. In the meantime you can read about some of our previous award wins, or finalist status here, including Practice Excellence Client Service Firm of the Year 2017, and Sharon’s Xero MVP Award in 2016.






Kinder Pocock are an approachable cloud-savvy firm of accountants based in Herefordshire but supporting businesses on the move.

We specialise in Indie Hospitality, Security and Design.



01432 273400

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Hurray! We’re Client Service Firm of the Year

client serviceWe’re not generally ones to blow our own trumpet, but we’re are extremely proud to say that we won the
Client Service Firm of the Year Award at the Practice Excellence Awards in October 2017, presented by the rather wonderful Rachel Riley (of Countdown fame!)

We’ve been nominated for several awards this year, including being shortlisted against two other firms for Professional Service Firm of the Year at the Herefordshire Business Awards, and Independent Firm of the Year at The British Accountancy Awards. So it felt wonderful to bring home the Practice Excellence award for Client Service for the cabinet.

We feel it’s an award that belongs to both us and our wonderful clients. It’s working with such great people that allows us to keep moving our customer service goals forward, and makes each day at Kinder Pocock so much fun too!

Awards_Practice-Winner-Client-Service-FirmSetting a high benchmark for service

The judges for the Client Service Firm of the Year Award described Kinder Pocock as having an habitual, repeatable customer care approach, and evidence of delivering client-centric behaviour within its processes and culture.  There is a very clear and simple commitment to steering the whole firm towards client service that established this as the winner.”

Winning the Client Service Firm of the Year award has strengthened our resolve to get it right and improve client service. We definitely won’t be sitting back on our laurels – you have to keep pushing and aiming for the highest standards.

 We don’t think we’re leaders:

we just try to do the best things for our clients and the practice. We certainly haven’t got all the boxes ticked yet, so we won’t ever stop reviewing and improving things – we all have itchy feet to make things better if we can do and love receiving feedback and ideas that help us get better.  Please have your say too, by completing our Client Happiness Survey

People see us as the early adopters and thought leaders within the Xero ecosystem, but we can’t get complacent – and that means working hard to keep delivering the best service.

If you’d like to contribute to our Client Happiness Survey please click here and share your views – it should take less than 5 minutes.  Thanking you in anticipation!

I hope you found the above blog useful, as always do get in touch to discuss any of the points mentioned, or if you’d like to have a chat about how we can work together..  Please keep an eye on our blog page for more useful posts!

Thank you for reading!




Kinder Pocock are an approachable cloud-savvy firm of accountants based in Herefordshire but supporting businesses on the move.

We specialise in Security, Design and Indie Hospitality and Retail.


01432 273400

Contact Us to see how we can help